Tutti Frutti, aw Rooty! (1955)

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Thursday, 14 September 2017

1955 -

Music brings people together. It doesn’t matter what kind of music it is. Today in 1955 was a moment to remember concerning Rock and Roll. Little Richard’s record Tutti Frutti was released on September 14 1955. It became a model for Rock and Roll. In 2010, The US Library of Congress National Recording Registry added the recording to its registry, because it heralded a new era in music.

Gospel songs
Little Richard is an Afro-American artist, born as Richard Penniman. He’s the third child in a family with 16 kids. Being good Christians, the family went to church every Sunday. Richard played piano and sang gospel songs. His whole career and all of his songs would have traces of gospel music. He later stated that people in his neighbourhood sang gospel songs throughout the day. They had to keep a positive outlook, because there was so much poverty and prejudice those days.

Homosexual humour
Recording Tutti Frutti was kind of a coincidence. While rehearsing and recording other songs, Little Richard played a song he had been performing before. The lyrics were quite different though. He sang:
Tutti Frutti, loose booty
If it don’t fit, don’t force it
You can grease it, make it easy.
His producer recognized the hit, but knew he had to change these lyrics with homosexual humour.

360 trivial fact
In 2000, Richard told Jetmagazine, "I figure if being called a sissy would make me famous, let them say what they want to.’



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