Where were you? (2001)

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Monday, 11 September 2017

2001 -

Where were you when the black cloud rose above New York? The day almost three thousand people died. The day four American flights where hijacked. Today, in the year 2001. Where were you on the 9th of September?

On a regular Tuesday in the year 2001 the world stopped for a moment. Two planes hit the twin towers of New York, another hit the Pentagon and one more crashed in a field. Exactly ten years later, on the same location as the twin towers, a memorial was opened. The memorial takes form in the shape of two holes of the towers’ base. On the opening day it was only accessible for the victims’ family members. The next day it opened for the public.

The Survivor Tree
Not only did a lot of people survive the attack, a tree did as well. A 2.4 metre (8-foot) tree was recovered. It was almost completely dead, apart from one branch. A month after the attack the tree was moved to the Bronx. The tree was not expected to survive but in the spring, it started to grow back. The tree can now be found at the memorial.

360 trivial fact
Three planes caused enormous problems, but an even bigger disaster was prevented because passengers aboard United Flight 93 heard about the previous attacks. They attempted to retake control of their own hijacked plane. As a result, the plane never reached its unknown target, but crashed in a Pennsylvania flied.



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