The city that never sleeps wakes up (1664)

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Friday, 8 September 2017

1664 -

On the 8th of September in the year 1664 New Amsterdam was captured. New Amsterdam was originally owned by the Dutch. After the second Anglo-Dutch War a treaty was formed. As part of their treaty the Dutch had to give up the island of Manhattan, the English gave up the east indies.

Beaver demands
The Dutch found Manhattan in the year 1609. It was discovered by Henry Hudson. He reported that there where many beavers in that area. Beavers where incredibly valuable at the time. This was because of their fur, which was waterproof after felting. It lead to many settlers moving to this New Amsterdam.

New Amsterdam on sale
There is a myth that the island of Manhattan was bought for $24. This is not exactly true. The Dutch bought the land of the Indian tribe Manhattes for 60 guilders. In the nineteenth century this was estimated to be $24,-. With inflation that becomes 981,05 dollars, calculated in 2011. This is still very cheap considering 10 square meters costs $10.000+ now. However, the native Americans had a slightly different view on the deal. The price the Dutch payed was just to co-exist with the native population. Sadly, the deed was lost over time, so the exact details are not known.

360 trivial fact
The Dutch definitely left a footprint in American culture. In some areas they still use many Dutch words. For Example, Brooklyn is derived from the Dutch town of Breukelen.


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