The rebel of Poland (1990)

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Saturday, 25 November 2017

1990 -

Back in the year 1976 Polish workers where in despair. Prime minister Piotr Jaroszewicz revealed a plan to increase the food prices. The plan was to increase butter by 33%, meat by 70%, and double the price of sugar. This hadn’t been the first time the government tried to increase the food prices, and certainly wouldn’t be the last. But this time it lead to massive protests. Luckily there was one man to lead the oposition. Lech Wa??sa. And he did so well, he became prime minister on this day in the year 1990.

Rebel with a cause
Wa??sa encouraged workers to protest from the year 1968, he had encouraged shipyard colleagues to boycott official rallies. On the 14th of august the government raised food prices again. This lead to the organising of another protest. It started at the Lenin Shipyard in Gda?sk, but quickly spread through the entire country. Wa??sa was seen as the leader of this nationwide protest. Three years later, and also many protests later, Lech won the Nobel peace prize. Later in the year 1990 he became Prime minister of Poland.

360 trivial fact
Wa??sa might have won the Nobel peace prize, but that doesn’t mean he wants everyone to have it. The Jerusalem post published an interview where Wa??sa stated the following: ‘I received the Nobel for the Solidarity triumph against the repressive Communist regime. Obama got it as an advance payment for the future, but he has not justified it.’


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