Highway to success (1906)

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Sunday, 22 October 2017

1906 -

The famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison had to give Henry the necessary conviction and a push in the right direction to make him proceed with the works that he had merely seen as a dream or hobby. But it worked. Today in 1906 a new icon in car history became a fact. Henry Ford started his own car factory.

Farm to fame
Henry Ford was a hard-working man who managed to work himself up from childhood on a farm to owner of his million dollar company. With a fresh interest for anything technical, he left home aged 15 and got a job at the Edison Illuminating Company a couple of years later.
In the meantime his fascination for engines and cars had grown significantly and he built a cylinder engine of his own, which he showed his wife on Christmas Eve.
He needed some encouragement, but after standing face-to-face with inventor Thomas Edison Henry decided to follow his heart and passion. Edison slammed a fist on the table as to strengthen his point telling young Ford he had to continue making cars. On the 22th of October 1906, Henry Ford became President of Ford Motor Company.

The company
Fords company became famous and Ford introduced many leading features to the industry and tried to enhance the salary and working circumstances of his personnel.

360 trivial fact
Ford once told his customers they could get the car in any colour they preferred. As long as it was black.



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