A masterpiece coming home (1981)

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Sunday, 10 September 2017

1981 -

Guernica is a small town in the north of Spain. The town was bombed in the year 1937. The attack was very controversial because it involved the bombing of civilians, not opposing forces. The bombing was part of the Spanish Civil war. No one is sure how many people died. But the records range from 153 to 1654. The town’s name might sound familiar. This is because Pablo Picasso named his famous painting after the town. The painting portrayed the horror caused by the bombing and war itself.

Touring across the world
The painting was exhibited in France in the year 1937, the same year it was made. It toured through Europe And America. It had yet to come to Spain however. Pablo refused to allow the painting to travel to Spain. Only if the Spanish people enjoyed a republic, would the painting be allowed to move to Spain. In the year 1981 on this day the painting finally made its well-deserved trip to Spain.

360 trivial fact
The meaning of the painting has been discussed for many centuries now. The task of interpreting the meaning behind the bull and the horse has proven to be very tough. Pablo himself doesn’t give much explanation to the painting himself either, stating: ‘...this bull is a bull and this horse is a horse... If you give a meaning to certain things in my paintings it may be very true, but it’s not my idea to give this meaning.’



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