Goodbye England's rose (1997)

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

1997 -

On the 31st of august, 1997 Lady Diana died. Seven days later 2 billion people saw her funeral. And they heard Elton John playing the special Lady Diana version of his song “Candle in the wind”; Then titled “Goodbye England’s rose”. The song is still the second most sold single of all time.

Elton John was shocked when the former princess, his good friend, died. He performed ‘her’ version of the song only once. It is not featured on any of his other albums. And he never plays it at concerts. Not even at the memorial concert for Diana. John has vowed to never play it again, only if he was asked by Diana’s sons to do so.

Top charts
The single has sold a total of 33 million copies. In the UK, the single climbed to number one in the charts on the very first day, with 650.000 sold in the first 24-hours. At the very peak, it was estimated that six copies were sold per second. All the proceeds of this single went to Diana’s charities.

Concert for Diana
Elton wasn’t the only one to perform for Diana. Ten years after her death both her sons, William and Harry, set up a benefit concert. Many famous artist performed here, like Lilly Allen and Rod Stewart. With Elton John opening and closing the event.

360 trivial fact
Only days before her own passing, Diana accompanied Elton to the funeral of their dear friend Gianni Versace.


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