Unconsciously, Freud will always be in our minds (1939)

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Saturday, 23 September 2017

1939 -

Heís long gone, and most of his believes are overhauled by new insights. Nevertheless, Sigmund Freudís ideas of the unconscious are still known and frequently used. The Austrian founder of psychoanalyses died on September 23, 1939, aged 83.

Dreams reveal repressed memories
Freud, born and raised in Austria, turned out to be a very competent student. He went to the University of Vienna at the age of 17. Although he studied neurology, heís mostly known for psychoanalyses. Freud was one of the first scientists who talked about repression and the unconscious. He believed that human behaviour is strongly influenced by repressed memories. He also thought dreams could be fruitfully used to analyse repression and was convinced of a strong underlying effect of sex. In his interpretations of dreams, usually things became a vagina or a penis. Addictions were reduced to substitutes for masturbation. We still use the phrase ĎA Freudian Slipí, meaning youíre saying something wrong, revealing something youíre repressing.

Penis envy
In spite of his quote ĎLove is a state of temporary psychosis, Freud married Martha Bernays.í He was not an all-women lover. Even more, he thought most women were difficult creatures because they suffered from penis envy. According to Freud women were envious of menís skills and strength.


Sigmund Freud and his mother, Amalia

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360 trivial fact
Being a Jew in Austria, Freud had to escape the Naziís. His escape was enabled by his close friend and the great-grandniece of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte; Princess Marie Bonaparte.



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